Semalt Presents Methods For Monitoring Websites And Services

Business on the Internet is now very much tied not only to the quality of the site itself, but also to its availability and performance 24/7/365. And although the hosting providers claim a fairly large uptime for the sites and the servers, this is not always enough to be sure of the reliability of the site. One of the helpers in this is monitoring both the availability and the health of the main subsystems of the site. Let's see how you can do this now.

Regular check

One of the most common methods is to check regularly the site's health. You can do it yourself - open the website of your favorite company or an online store in the morning (having it in the browser start page), be happy that it works, and close. Because it is not very convenient and not effective at all. Unpredictably the accessibility problems usually start out, and then it is better to detect it as soon as these problems arise. Also, the users themselves often help - they start calling and writing that the site does not work (if the phone number and mail are indicated somewhere outside the site). The most frequent signal of a non-working site is: the customers stop coming. 

Indeed, such a situation can be avoided if the management of your website is left to the expertise of professional services such as Semalt.

Availability monitoring

The most educated and advanced site owners or managers who are in charge of a site are aware of the need to constantly monitor a site's availability - to see if it is working or not. The most common mistake here is the wrong choice of the monitoring frequency. By checking the website's performance once a day is, of course, useful, but the loss of the daily revenue is too higher than a cost for an error. The most optimal for a simple monitoring is a ten-minute interval: most of the users will try to return to the site within 1-2 hours, and during this time it is possible to both detect the problems and effectively eliminate it without much harm to the company's business.

On the other hand, more frequent checks do not guarantee that the problem will be fixed more quickly than within an hour. After all, most of the time is spent not so much on finding the problem as on finding out its causes and fixing it.

Monitoring problems

When the level of the site's availability is already critical for the business - especially the presence of the "floating" problems associated with a number of circumstances - then the routine monitoring becomes little. Here it is necessary to monitor several sites' parameters with a frequency of at least once a minute and from several geographic locations (in order to cover the minute interval with checks as much as possible and identify the possible problems related to the geography of the users). The possible verification's criteria include:
  • Problems with the DNS server (when at the certain intervals the site address cannot be determined, although the site itself is physically accessible) ;
  • Problems with long response times (when the cache is updating, for example, or when you are performing "heavy" tasks on the server side) ;
  • Problems with the scheduled execution of the tasks (as a result of which the site will be unavailable only at the certain points in time) ;
  • Problems with long waiting times for the static files (for example, due to network infrastructure or physical media issues) ;
  • Problems connecting to the database, etc.
In this case, you need to monitor the site every minute from several points (or using several independent services or checkpoints). Monitoring can be for the short-term (until the problems are detected and corrected) or periodic (to prevent the problems). It is also possible to regularly self-check the site for the possible accessibility problems, but the external verification is always better than the internal verification for a variety of reasons. In addition, the external services provide already the detailed information about the problems, up to the client-side error logs (if configured accordingly and the server-side error logs).

This method is especially good when you need to catch some kind of "floating" error. When you enable the detailed logs of the error that occurs, even if there are no error details on the server side, you can effectively track and eliminate it. The multiple test points allow you to achieve a test frequency of up to every 10 seconds - more than enough to find everything you need.

Health monitoring

This topic is especially relevant for the online stores, for which the ability to order or send a request is key. It can also include any complex functionality that may be affected by the changes on the site (for example, an Internet bank account). In this case, it is necessary to set up the test chains or set the complex conditions for carrying out checks. It is hardly possible to do without the help of a qualified specialist.

In addition, it is also possible to entrust the entire management of your website to a renowned agency such as Semalt, which will continuously monitor the state of your site and make up for the probable flaws.

It is very easy to assess how important the monitoring is for a website: it is enough to calculate the daily income generated by the website and correlate it with the cost of this monitoring. Understand how much each hour of the site downtime costs during the working hours, and decide on the effectiveness of monitoring and its detailing (whether it is a simple check of availability, health monitoring or comprehensive monitoring of all the possible problems).

3 Reasons why you need to monitor the sites 

  • Dedicate yourself to the business 100%. After choosing the site monitoring tools that suit your requirements, you can stop worrying about your site and devote all your efforts to your growing business, project or company. 
  • Be the first to know about the problem and act immediately. Receive the notifications about a site crash to the mailbox you specified in order to immediately contact the hosting provider.
  • Make sure your site is available again and rest easy. You no longer need to storm the doors of a hosting company in order to find out how things are with your site. As soon as the site resumes its work, you will receive a corresponding letter by e-mail. 
There are many free and paid site monitoring programs. At the same time, there are both online solutions and software for PCs, whichever option suits you best. We have decided to help you choose the best tools that allow you to configure and monitor the operation of the sites, and we have made a selection in which you can compare their features, pricing policy and effectiveness. You can check all this by visiting our website.

What is Semalt?

Semalt is an adapted and efficient service provided by the marketing and SEO professionals. We provide services such as:

Website SEO promotion 

We have at this level a team of experts, SEO engineers who are providing a complete website optimization service. Indeed, their role is to promote your site by putting it at the TOP of Google. In addition, their work will significantly increase visitors' traffic to the site and promote your online sales. It is more than obvious that with such dedication to the task, every expense you make will necessarily give the expected result.

Explainer video

We have a visual realization service in charge of making the visitors to understand the purpose of your company and especially to gain their trust. Moreover, this service contributes to improve the image of your site. It is at the same time an effective method to increase the conversion of the visitors.

Website analytics

It is important that you will be informed of the evolution of your site and especially of your industry by having access to consistent and verified analytical data. Indeed, lack of information is a consequence that will lead your business to ruin. At this level, our information experts will provide you with everything you need for a good evolution of your site from day to day.

Web Development

The promotion of your site is a crucial step that you cannot do without the web development's experts, if your site goal is to grow and gain the visibility. We have a complete service of website promotion, graphic redesign and development of your website; while ensuring its maintenance. When you entrust us with the management of some of the current state of your website, you will be surprised by the increasing evolution of your business in a laps of time. Indeed, we provide a professional and result-oriented service.

In summary, remember that Semalt service is tailor-made to help you to position yourself as a leader in your field and beat the competitors. We also help you to discover the other marketing channels to expand your business. By deciding to collaborate with us, you are ensuring the future of your business.

Example of some of the tools we use

As announced above, the use of the tools is essential to check permanently the status of your business and especially of your website. Here are some of the best tools we use:


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FullSEO is a much more advanced tool than the previous one. It allows you to reach the top of Google as quickly as possible. This tool gathers the internal and external actions to be carried out for the fast promotion of your website. It is a great tool that brings the answer to your concerns in a record time.

We can summarize this FullSEO in three steps:
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The importance of monitoring a website on a daily basis is well established. Indeed, you must prevent any problem that could interrupt the proper functioning of your website. 

Semalt is a complete, professional and useful service that has offered you to remedy all these problems and much more.
We invite you to discover all that our experts in web site promotion referencing are able to provide as useful services to help you to climb to the top of the search engines and effectively boost your business.